Project Aims

The main project key target is to develop a prototype of personalised arm neuroprosthesis equipped with artificial skin and sensorial feedback affordable to a large scale of amputees. For that, the project will develop detachable arm prosthesis that has neuronal command, featuring significant innovative characteristics as compared to the current prostheses.
The granular key targets are:

  • to fabricate the mechanical structure of the neuroprosthesis, equipped with artificial skin;
  • to fabricate the neuroprosthesis control block;
  • to increase the quantity and quality of command neurosignals collected on the stump and the tactile feedback;
  • to design and develop the software implementation of the motion algorithms database;
  • to successfully fabricate the implantable electrodes;
  • to fabricate the fully functional implantable neural interfaces connecting the neuroprosthesis to the peripheral nervous system of the patient stump, including: electronics, bio-printed regenerative bio-interfaces, Wi-Fi module;
  • to experimentally implant the electrodes and neural interfaces into the patient stump;

The activities of the project will lead to the following expected measurable results:

  • Mechanical structure of the neuroprosthesis equipped with artificial skin;
  • Motor drive block of neuroprosthesis;
  • Control system of neuroprosthesis;
  • Implantable electrodes;
  • Neural motor interfaces for neuroprosthesis’ fingers and palm;
  • Tactile feedback neural interfaces for neuroprosthesis’ fingers;
  • Medical and technical methodology for implanting the neural electrodes and interfaces, to bidirectional connect the prosthesis with the peripheral nervous system from the patient stump;
  • Study on biocompatible materials for 3D bioprinting in vivo of regenerative neural biointerfaces;
  • Regenerative neural sensitive biointerface for separation in the median nerve of the sensitive fascicles for tactile feedback from the fingers 1, 2 and 3 of the neuroprosthesis;
  • Regenerative neural sensitive biointerface for separation in the ulnar nerve of the sensitive fascicles F for tactile feedback from the fingers 4, 5 and palm of the neuroprosthesis;
  • Experimental implantation in the patient stump of the regenerative neural sensitive biointerfaces, electrodes and neural interfaces for neuronal control and feedback;
  • Patient training program for using the neuroprosthesis;
  • The neuroprosthesis mounted on the stump and connected with the periferic nervous system of selected patient.
  • These results will represent a breakthrough as compared to previous / preliminary work done by various specialist teams involved in such device implementation.
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